Healthy Haiku for Professional Development

Are you Ready for a Powerful, Unique and Fun Professional Development Program?
Healthy Haiku Workshops are fun, creative, educational, help to create team spirit and workmanship, and reduce sickness and absenteeism. Looking for something exciting and different to bring to your staff or faculty?
* Enhance Communication Skills
* Learn about Specific Health Issues to reduce Sickness and Absenteeism
* Learn how to Write and Perform Haiku Poetry
* Role Play to Reinforce Health Messages
From Professional Development to Teacher and Faculty Training, this is not the typical office Professional Development retreat where the budget gets spent, employees have a few days off and everyone returns to work with little changes and differences in the work environment. This program is  an interactive, hands-on, no snoozing, no losing workshop! These workshops were originally designed for youth, however they quickly expanded to groups of adults who found them enjoyable and educational!

Book us Today! Get a 30 minute Free Consultation to discuss the needs of your group or corporation.

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